In addition to our general line of services, we provide a range of special services for discerning clients. These include:


Guard Rooms

We develop and modify guard booths and monitoring rooms. Specifications can include bulletproof glass, close circuit TVs, visitor access systems and related technology and infrastructure.


Secure Storage

We develop secure storage systems within larger residencies or offices. These can include wall and floor safes, vaults, and integrated security systems.


Panic Rooms

We install panic rooms: secure and usually disguised rooms where family and loved ones can retreat in threatening conditions such as a kidnap attempt or home burglary.


Data Rooms & Communications Networks

We configure secure data rooms and communications networks for enterprises, and high net worth individuals.


Advanced HVAC Systems

If you or your family suffers from asthma or allergies, we can audit and reconfigure your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems to install higher-grade filtres and improve air quality.


Cultural Heritage

If your home or office is in a listed building or area with a high cultural heritage protection, we can undertake renovation, restoration or greenfield construction to the highest quality levels, respecting the requirements of the Antiquities Service and other regulatory authorities.


Farfaras Dental Clinic Paphos

Farfaras Dental Clinic is established in Paphos since 1979 by Dr. Prodromos Farfaras. Through the years his son Dr. Savvas Farfaras decided to follow the same road as his father, a road full of passion for dentistry, and continues learning of dental procedures to provide the best treatment to our patients. In 2015 Dr. Prodromos Farfaras and Dr. Savvas Farfaras opened a new dental clinic fully equipped with the latest technology in dental equipment to provide the best quality treatment possible to our patients.


YYenis Construction turned my grandfather's old house to a 2016 modern clinic in just 2 months! Professional approach, quality and reliability! Totally recommended!

Savvas Farfaras
Savvas Farfaras

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