Paphos is known for the large range of residential properties and holiday villas. Y. Yenis helps you find the ideal land plot, design a custom-made villa, build and equip it. We have a large range of experience in Paphos villa construction and renovation. We support the development of villa designs intended specifically for tourist and holiday rentals, family vacations and mixed-use. Our building services maximise the building coefficient and usable space and minimise operating costs (such as heating, water and electricity). We incorporate natural light, thermal protection and LED lighting into our designs, and also handle innovative swimming pool design and decoration. This is a good time to renovate your Paphos Villa for holiday rentals, given the continual increase in arrivals and the economic solutions we can provide.

Residence Emba


Project Description

Location:   Empa , Paphos
Year Completed:   2012
Architect/Civil Engineer: A&K Antoniou


Residence Anavargos


Project Description

Location:   Anavargos , Paphos
Year Completed:   2015
Architect/Civil Engineer: A.Savva


Modern Residence in Tala

Project Description

Location:   Tala,Paphos
Architect: A.Ioannou

Residence in Tala

Project Description

Location:   Tala,Paphos
Year Completed:  2011
Architect: N. Oikonomou